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The professionals you may need to build your house in Ghana, are all very much available. If that’s what you need, then you are in luck today. In this article, I make sure to show you just that.

Your beautiful dream house is a lifelong investment. It may be the biggest expense of your life. It is therefore very important to engage the right professionals to give it the best attention your project deserves.

These are some professionals you may need to build your house in Ghana, to help you get the best from your investment:

The Geological Surveyor

The Geological surveyor, also called Land Surveyor is one of the professionals you may need to build a house in Ghana.

Your surveyor makes sure that the boundaries of your site are accurately defined and documented.

Ideally, a site plan document should have contour lines to show a picture of the nature of the land.

All lands are not equal. Some lands are flat and some lands are slopy such as on a hillside.

Capturing the true nature of your land is your surveyors responsibility.

A well-documented site plan helps the architect to understand and maximize the full potential of your at the design stage.

The Architect

The architect is the grand visionary of all the professionals you may need to build a house in Ghana.

An architect helps translate and document the client’s vision.

He makes sure that the client understands the design and is completely satisfied with the various spaces within the building and outside the building.

The architect determines the following:

  • the shape of the building
  • the spaces within the building
  • the roof type of the building
  • the style of building design
  • the type of windows
  • the color of exterior and interior
  • the landscape and other supporting elements.

A good architect will work diligently to design a delightful and structurally stable house that falls within the budget of the client.

A seasoned architect will coordinate all the works of the other professionals and bring them together to achieve the grand vision of the client.

The Structural Engineer

Without the work of a structural engineer, a building cannot stand.

The structural engineer is the professional who designs how the building structure will work.

He analyses the design from the architect and makes the necessary input to give stability to the building.

If you imagine that building as a human being, it is the structural engineer who designs the bones of the building.

The Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer designs the electrical wiring system for the house.

He designs and determines how your house will receive the electricity from the national grid.

He also designs the location and functions of the various switches and sockets in your dream house.

A great electrical will recommend the right brand of electrical wiring accessories for your building project.

The right brand of electrical accessories is durable and safe for our system in Ghana.

The Plumbing Engineer

Imagine the human body and all the tubes and veins that help it function well.

In the same way, a building needs pipes to bring in clean water and take out waste water.

This is the work of a plumber.

A good plumber will harness the slope on your site to control the flow of good and bad water in and out of your house. He will also recommend durable pipes for your project.

The Landscape Architect

The landscape architect is the expert who designs the external part of the building.

He designs the natural environment around the building that completes a beautiful home.

The lawn, flowers, trees, water bodies, fire bowls. These are the sweet additions that a professional landscape architect can contribute to the dream project.

A beautiful house is incomplete without the work of a landscape architect.

The Quantity Surveyor

It is wise to know how much your building project will cost before you start.

This will allow you to assess your financial confidence and plan on how to tackle the project.

The Quantity Surveyor(QS) is a professional who is specifically trained to help you determine the cost of your project.

A seasoned quantity surveyor understands how the various material choices for the building affect the total cost of the project.

When you employ the expertise of a QS, you will get a document called Bill Of Quantities.

This document contains information on the cost of your dream house.

Without this information, your project may go beyond your budget.

I usually recommend the services of a QS for my best clients.

This saves them a lot of money on the project.

The Building Contractor

Finally, without a building contractor, your dream project will not see the light of day.

You must be very critical in selecting a building contractor for your project.

Make sure to get thoroughly familiar with various prospective building contractors.

Visit building projects that they have completed.

Visit the building sites of works in progress.

Compare various contractors to give you a better chance of engaging the best for your dream project.

A serious contractor is an organized contractor who will diligently build your beautiful house within the expected budget and within the expected time frame.

Final Thoughts

In the article above I have shared some knowledge of key professionals you may need to build your house in Ghana.

Do you have any questions pertaining to the professionals you may need to build your house in Ghana?

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