You can own a house in Ghana if you know how to. Having a place to call one’s own is a dream of many Ghanaians at home and abroad.

Every day, many Ghanaians wake up to go to work with a vision of building the financial confidence to own a house in Ghana one day In this article, I will show you how to own a house in Ghana.

There are 3 main ways of owning a house in Ghana.

These 3 main ways of owning a house in Ghana are:


One of the commonest ways to own a house in Ghana is by building it yourself.

Above all, this is the most satisfactory for most people in Ghana.

In this scenario, it is very important that you own your own land.

 You should be ready to go through the hustle of working with an architect and other professionals you may need to build your home.

Also, you should have an idea about some building artisan you may need: masons, carpenters, steel benders, plumbers etc.

Most importantly, you should understand the process of building your own house so that you can keep track of the activities of workers and the expenses you will be making.


Another sure way to own a piece of property in Ghana is by buying it.

There are a lot of developers who build beautiful houses to sell to any ready Ghanaian both at home and abroad.

You can also buy a building from individuals who are willing to sell their properties.

There are a lot of them on the market.

Buying a house in Ghana is a huge lifetime investment.

When you decide to buy a building in Ghana it is very important that you do your due diligence.

You need to search and verify the legitimacy and background of the developer or seller.

This is one activity you should take your time to do thoroughly.

If you live abroad and you want to buy a building in Ghana, it is very important to fly back home quickly and inspect properties for yourself. Never trust the job of searching for and buying a property in Ghana to your relatives in Ghana.

You might be seriously disappointed if you do.

By Inheritance

Finally, the last way to own a house in Ghana is by inheritance.

A lot of people in families have hopes and dreams of inheriting a house left to them by their parents.

If you happen to be an only child, and you are responsible, you could peacefully own a building in Ghana through inheritance.

However, if you happen to be in a family with many children, this could be the source of huge contention between you and your siblings.

This case will probably be the worse of its kind if you happen to be step-siblings, having the same father but different mothers.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have clearly laid out the 3 ways of how to own a house in Ghana.

Hopefully, this might be a useful guide when you decide to own a building in Ghana.

Do you have any ideas on How to Own a House in Ghana?

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