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Use this information to get your building permit in Ghana.

Most Ghanaians like to override the permit stage of building projects.

This is a dangerous decision to take. It is illegal to start any building project without a permit in Ghana. This is the law according to Land Use and Spatial Planning Act,2016(ACT 925(117).

To get your building permit in Ghana, there are a few ways you must follow.

In the post below, you will learn some very important things to help you get your building permit in Ghana.

You will learn about:

  • What a building permit is
  • Why you need a permit to build on your own land
  • Where to get your building permit from
  • List of Documents you need to get the permit
  • Penalties for building without a permit

Let’s start…

What Is A Building Permit?

First of all, a building permit is a document that allows you to legally start the construction stage of your building project.

It indicates that the project has gone through proper assessment by professionals.

It proves that the building project has been completely accepted by the government. With this document, you can start the full construction with no hindrances.

Why You Need a Permit in Ghana

You need a building permit for these reasons.


  1. Ensures professional standards
  2. Puts environmental safety in check
  3. Increases the asset value of your building.

Ensures Professional Standards

A building permit proves that your architect and his team have done due diligence on the design of your project. It shows that the professionals have adhered to codes and standards that ensure the safety and stability of your building and the environment.

Puts Environmental Safety in Check

Without a building permit, people will design and build projects anyhow. This will put the user of the building and its environment at risk.

Increases Asset Value of Your Building

A building permit increases the asset value of your building.

Also, it makes it easier to sell your building .

Your building project may be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Make sure you get the best from it by getting a building permit.

Where to Get Your Building Permit in Ghana

You can get your building permit from your local municipal assembly .

This means that you need to know the municipal assembly for the location of your project. (You will find a list of municipal assemblies in the Greater Accra Region at the end of this article).

The Process to your Permit:

  • Buy a form from the municipal assembly
  • Fill the form in all the required sections
  • Add the list of the documents they need
  • Submit it back to the municipal assembly
  • Wait for a call to visit your site for a short assessment
  • Get the bill for the permit
  • Pay the permit at the recommended bank
  • Submit the receipt at the municipal assembly
  • Wait for the processing of your perm
  • Collect your permit from the MA

List Of Documents You Need to Get Your Permit

Here is a comprehensive list of documents you may need to apply for your building permit in Ghana:

  1. Evidence of Land title Ownership in the form of an indenture or Deed of assignment or Land Title Certificate one(1) Copy
  2. Architectural Drawings four(4) copies signed by a certified architect
  3. Structural Drawings four(4) copies duly signed by a certified structural engineer
  4. Structural Calculation and computation Report (4) copies
  5. Integrity report (Structural) duly signed by a certified engineer
  6. Fire Report three and drawings duly signed by the Ghana National Fire Service(for Multi-storey developments)
  7. Mechanical or Services Drawing four(4) copies(for Multi-storey developments)
  8. Geotechnical Report Structural Integrity Report  (3) copies(for Multi-storey developments)
  9. Environmental protection Permit from the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) offices  (for Multi-storey developments)
  10. Traffic Impact Assessment (T.I.A) (3) bound copies(for Multi-storey developments)
  11. Hydrological Services Report (if requested) (3) bound copies)(for Multi-storey developments)
  12. Completed Building Permit Application Form.

Download the free building permit form online. Visit the website of the Physical Planning and Works Departement in the municipality of your building location

Penalties For Building Without A Permit

Should you start physical development work without a permit, you may incur these challenges:

  • Court Fines
  • Penalty Payment
  • Demolition

Court Fines:

If you are caught without a building permit, you will pay a fine. This could frustrate and delay your project. Dealing with courts on your building project is something you might want to avoid.


Also, you could pay a hefty financial penalty to the Municipal Assembly. This is an unnecessary add-on expense you will pay in addition to the actual permit.

You could save a lot of money when you get your building permit in ghana before you build.


Worse of all, your building could be demolished. This has actually happened to some people who made huge investments in buildings without securing a permit. Huge loss!

You don’t want this to happen to you.

Get a building permit before you hit the ground with construction.

Final Thoughts

Finally, your building is one of the biggest investments you may secure.

Make sure you get your building permit in ghana for all projects you may undertake. Prepare all the necessary documentation you need to secure a building permit for your development projects.

Different scopes of projects require different documents.

However, it is a simple procedure for all project types.

Consult with your architect to make sure you get the necessary documents for the type of project you are working on. An architect is one of the key resourceful professionals you may need on your project. Motivate your architect to help in various stages of your project. You will be glad you did.

Click Here to see a Contact list of All the Municipal Assemblies in the Greater Accra Region

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