You might be wondering and asking yourself……”Hmm, how much is a plot of land in Ghana?

Well, I wish it was that easy to give a ballpark figure for the cost of land in Ghana. However, there is no straight forward answer to that question.

The cost of a plot of land in Ghana depends on the following factors:

As you can imagine, there is no one size fits for cost of land in Ghana. Here’s why:

Your preferred location

Firstly, Ghana is a big place made up of urban capitals and rural areas. For this reason, land prices vary from place to place. Naturally, in any region, the cost of a plot will be higher in the developed areas than in the undeveloped areas. If you can specify where you want to buy the land, it will be easier to know the actual cost of a plot of land. in your preferred location in Ghana.

The intended use

Secondly, the cost of a plot of land in Ghana is determined by the intended use. If you want to use the land for farms then naturally you will have to choose land in the rural areas. The price you pay for farmland will be significantly lower than what you will pay for land in developed areas intended for a residential building project.

Who you are buying the land from

Finally, assuming you wanted to buy land for commercial farming. You need to know that you will pay so much more if you bought that land from the state than if you bought the same size of land from a family.

I hope this helped.

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