FAQs about The Architectural Designer

An architectural design helps people, who are ready, to realize their dream homes and buildings.

You may need an architect or an architectural designer to design a unique building that suites your taste. An architect or an architectural designer has had many years of intensive and meticulous training to help families and business people to design and build dream homes and businesses. If you want to invest in a residential or commercial building that is delightful, stable, and has huge long-term commodity value, you might want to engage an architect.

A shopping mall located in Accra, Ghana. You can find some images of the proposed building here.

We can work pretty much anywhere. With the advancement in technology tools location is never a hindrance to any project.

Yes.That’s my specialty. WhatsApp me now and share your project ideas.

Yes. If you have a technician whose work you like and can build a great working relationship with.


Freelance and team work with other building industry consultants

We have lower to no overheads, so we charge way less ,and that also saves you money.

Generally No! But if you have made more than 50% financial commitment to a high-ticket project we may consider this request.

We usually recommend you use a local architect in your own country. It’s a lot easier, may be cheaper and you may have much control over the working relationship with the architect. However, if you have become a fan of our design style we will be happy to work with you anywhere you may be in this world

FAQs about The Process

First share your project ideas ,with reference images if possible. Then we will take it from there.

We discuss your project ideas and learn about your expectations .Also it helps a lot if you have decided on a budget

You might have to go back deep into your sanctuary and decide on what you really want to achieve, with clarity. Once you are very clear on the project vision , call us.

You are the ultimate stakeholder in your project. Every action and output will be a response to your expectations. So you will be involved from the beginning to the end.

You may also engage a third-party project manager act on your behalf.

You may need a structural engineer ,a mechanical and plumbing engineer and an electrical engineer.

Visits to site and the frequency of that is based on the agreement developed at the beginning of the project.

All questions and objections you have will be answered. Minor changes to design and documentation may be free,

FAQs about Services

Mostly Residential and commercial. However, we have some industrial, institutional and religious building design projects in our portfolio.

Usually Not from the beginning .However if an interior designer is needed at the beginning of a project we could work with him/her.

A Reconnaissance site survey .This helps to familiarize with site and take advantage of its properties

Sketch design,3d modelling and renderings


FAQs about Fees

Site visits, sketch design, design development, construction drawing documentation.

Percentage of total cost of construction, lumpsum or cost per square footage

It depends on the details of your project



Yes but not more than you already want to save .