Information on the cost of building plan in Ghana can be nebulous and frustrating to the first-timer.

The Problem

Most people who decide to use building professionals for the first time get disappointed when they end up spending more than they had imagined.

The Reason

Why? Because they build a fixed mindset about how much they need to spend on the cost of building plan for their projects in Ghana, based on some old information they read on the internet.

In this little write-up, I am going to set your expectations right so that you can make better decisions on how much to spend on building plans for your first or next project in Ghana. 

By the time you are done reading this article, you would realize the wisdom in chasing value over worrying about the one-time cost of building plan in Ghana.

We (you and I) will learn step-by-step about the energy, time, and resources that go into creating the design and building plans of that beautiful house with your name on it.

Let’s go…

So How Does An Architect or Designer Arrive at those Beautiful Building Plans For Your Bespoke Building?

It’s by magic. Architectural design magic. And that magic is not cheap.

If you want the best design and building plan service for your family or your business, then “you’ve got to pay to play”. You know you don’t want the word “cheap” to be associated with your family or business, or Do You?

List of Activities Leading to Cost of Building Plan In Ghana

Here is a list activities that add up to the cost of building plan in Ghana.

They are everything the architect goes through to produce building plans for your bespoke project:

  • Communication Fees
  • Site Visitation Fees
  • Architectural Sketch Design Fees
  • Design Development Fees
  • Structural Engineering Fees
  • Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Fees
  • Printing and Endorsement Fees
  • Other Fees (Depending on the scope of design services)
  • Interior design
  • Landscaping design
  • Lighting design,
  • Acoustic design

Let me explain…

1. Communication Fees

When you call on an architect or designer for the first time to request a building plan he makes note of everything you have to say.

Then he takes the time to do research and communicate with other professionals based on the scope of your project.

All I’m trying to say right now is that communication is a huge part of an architect’s delivery process .

Making calls, sending emails, video conferencing , researching online, you name it.

from start to finish the architect keeps spending time energy and money on communication to get you job done. The expenses made during this process is embedded somewhere in the cost of your building plan ,for you project in Ghana.

2. Site Visit Fees

Most clients just give architects/designers site plans and expect them to get started with the design process. This is incorrect. 

If you want the best for your project you need to engage an architect/designer to visit your site. This is called a site reconnaissance study or “recon visit” for short. This is done to basically survey the site visually.

A visit to your site helps the architect to gather more information about your site to give your project the best possible delivery – Great design to elevate the joy of living and doing business with your bespoke building. (This is what Gabochie Design is all about)

The architect takes his camera and tape measure and gathers the following information when he or she visits your site

  • Nature of the environment
  • Nature of the land ,whether it is flat, sloppy, or waterlogged 
  • Style of buildings in the area
  • Level of security measures for a new site
  • Views to harness for the design in cases of high-rise properties

There may be occasions when the architect may need to take some measurements of your site.

If it’s a bushy site he might have to walk through it and take measurements with assistants or junior architects, wearing safety gear.

This will cost you at least in 4figures (XXXX ghs). Starting from a 1000ghs or more based on the distance traveled by the architect and his team.

This cost is only one of the costs incurred in the long process to produce building plans for your dream building project in Ghana.

In extreme cases ,if the architect or designer has to travel by plane to your site in another country, you will have to foot the two-way cost in and out. I hope it’s clear.

3. Architectural Sketch Design Fees

At this point , the architect will use all the information he has gathered from your site to develop the first concept sketch design for your building. This is also called the Schematic design phase.

This is usually a back-and-forth process between you and the architect. Finally, the architect will end up producing the following deliverables for your approval:

  • Floor plan layouts
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • 3D rendering
  • 3D animations

These are done for you to confirm the direction and vision of your dream project.

All of these valuable assets cost time and resources to create. And you will have to bear the cost of creating these in the bid the produce a building plan for your project in Ghana

4. Design Development Fees

You will need to approve the sketch design from your architect/ design to finalize it. This is not the end of the journey. What is design development anyway?

Design development is the stage at which the the schematic sketch designs are further developed into detail. The architect with his team take a look at adding more details to the design .

These include:

  • Materials and finishes for interior and exterior of your building
  • Furniture selection and layouts.
  • Equipment selection and layouts
  • Custom fabrications and Cabinetry
  • Lighting technology and designs.
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

5. Structural Engineering Fees

The structural aspect of the build refers to the beams and the columns that make the building stand firm. These have to be designed, analyzed, documented and drawn.

This is the job of the structural engineer who has to be paid.

The client bears the cost of creating this as additions to it to the building plan for your project in Ghana.

6. Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Fees

The mechanical engineer designs all the air-conditioning system services and plumbing systems of the building.

The electrical engineer contributes his expertise on the electrical system of the building .

All of these system services are designed, and documented as pat of the building plans.

It will cost you some money , to get this done.

7. Printing and Endorsement Fees

All the drawing are printed and endorsed by the appropriate professional .These are then bind nicely and organized into sets for the building permit process.

8. Other Fees Depending on the scope of design services

Interior Design Fees

In a more comprehensive design project, the client may want interior design services. Interior design is the design of the rooms and spaces within your building.

At this point, the architect may need to engage the services of a professional interior designer. 

The professional interior designer will then work with the architect/designer to design and produce interior design drawings for your project. This usually happens for commercial projects, office building projects, and hospitality projects.

This will add extra cost to the building plans for your project in Ghana. However, it has great value! This is not for everyone and you do not need this for a building permit in Ghana.

So if you have a beer budget just skip this and go with the minimum list of build plans required for building permits and construction.

. Click here to learn about the list of drawings and documents you need to get a building permit in Ghana

Click Here to Find Out: The cost of Interior Design Services In Ghana

Landscaping Design Fees

Those who know the value of inviting nature back home always invest in landscape design service.I could write a thousand-page book about how natural landscape elevates the joy of your human experience a million time .But that will be for another article.

If you need anything landscape design please contact us here

Lighting Design Fees

Designing the lighting of interior spaces is always a must ,but many people take it for granted. You can learn more about the benefits of Lighting design here

Acoustic Design Fees

Acoustic design fees may apply If your project requires the manipulation of sound to create a better user experience for the users of your building. 

In this case, the architect needs to engage the services of another professional who specializes in building acoustics. Some examples of projects that may incur this cost are churches and school auditoriums.

All of these add up to become the cost of design and production of the building plan for your bespoke  project in Ghana


So now you know. The cost of building plan  can be as low as a four-figure fee  in Ghana cedis or as high as a five-figure fee in Ghana .It all depends on who you are and the quality of value you want.

The cost

  •  Order Online blueprints or Custom-made
  • Architect or Designer you choose(Freelancer or Corporate Architect)
  • Type of project you want to develop( Residential ,commercial, Institutional)
  • The Agreed Scope of Design Services

The good news is that there are different levels of architects/building designers. And Finding one that meets your level is very easy.

Even most draftsmen who work with architects are becoming very sophisticated enough to give you good building plans for your proposed modern project.

At the end of that day, you get what you pay for. Also, if you have Champaign taste then you need deeper pockets to match .

Paying Good Money for The Design and Cost of Your Building Plan, for Your Project in Ghana is a Great Life-Long Investment.

Gideon Abochie, Gabochie Design

PSSecret Tip Most Developers Don’t Know

Do your Architect Good . Appreciate Your Architect and Your Architect will Return that Favor Throughout the Lifetime Cycle of Your Project and For Generations.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cost of Building Plan in Ghana

How much does it cost to draw a building plan? It can cost you from 4figures to 6figures or more to draw and building plan in Ghana. It all depends on the unique detail of your project.

How do I get a building plan in Ghana? You can get a building plan in Ghana by buying premade blueprints online or consulting a local architect or designer in Ghana.

How much does an architect cost in Ghana? An architect in Ghana can cost you from 5 figures up. It al depends on who you decide to work with

How much does it cost to build a storey building in Ghana? The particular cost will depend on the details of the storey build in question .However the basic cost will include

  • Architectural design fees,
  • Structural design fees,
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design fee.
  • Plus a reimbursable cost of printing all the set of drawings.
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