Building your house in Ghana Artisans You May need optm
Building your house in Ghana Artisans You May need optm

To build your house in Ghana, you may need to choosing the best artisans to help you put together the actual building.

Good artisans are very skilled at their trade.

Also, a good artisan knows how to manage the resources made available for the project.

Here is a list of artisans you may need to build your house In Ghana, in no particular order:

1.The Mason

Firstly, You may need a team of masons.

Masons help with building the actual structure of your building.

A good mason not only understands how to build with blocks, cement, sand, and stone, he is also skilled at managing the resources for the project.

2.The Foreman

Secondly, you may need a foreman.

A foreman sees the overall progress of the construction.

He makes sure that workers and artisans are building according to the design given by the professionals.

You may take the job of the foreman if you have time or want to oversee your project personally.

A lead mason may also do the work of a foreman.

3.The Labourer

Laborers help lead artisans to do their work.

They are used in all ways from the beginning of the actual project on-site.

Some of the laborer’s work includes clearing the site, digging trenches, carrying bags of cement and blocks.

4.The Steel Bender

Steel benders use iron rods to fabricate the metal frames that serve as the bones of the building.

They are skilled at cutting and crafting various iron sizes that will be used for the columns(pillars), beams, and decking.

It is advisable to give a copy of the structural design document to your steel bender.

This will help him study and understand the structural components as design by the structural engineer.

5.The Carpenter

The carpenters take care of any carpentry needs of the project.

They come in handy right from the beginning at the setting out stage.

They also build wooden formworks for casting the columns, beams and concrete floors.

A good carpenter knows how to use wooden resources without wasting it.

6.The Plumber

The plumber takes care of the plumbing needs of the project.

They lay both external and internal pipelines for getting clean water into the house and getting rid of wastewater.

A good plumber will advise you to buy durable pipes that will last for a long time

7.The Electrician

The electrician puts in place the electrical wiring systems for your house.

8.The Tiler

The tiler beautifies the wall and floors with tiles.

9.Final Thoughs

Finally, you now know how important it is to get the best artisans to handle your project.

One thing you should know is that you may not get the right artisan from the start. Be ever ready to change an artisan if his performance is sabotaging your project.

There are many artisans in the construction market. Getting the best to deliver quality service comes with experience. You can fall on an experienced foreman to engage the best artisans for your bespoke project.

Do you have further questions about artisan you may need to build your house in Ghana?

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