A checklist of things to do when building in Ghana

Firstly, before you get started building your project in Ghana, you might want to follow this checklist guide.

A building construction checklist is a document with a list of activities to do at various stages of your building construction journey.

This is a home-building project checklist of questions to ask before you get started. It relates to the various stages of your home building journey: searching for the ideal plot, planning and design the house, and building the house.

Neighborhood Checklist

  • Has my architect approved my choice of the site?
  • Is the neighborhood appropriate for my means?
  • Are stores convenient?
  • Is the school convenient?
  • Is the church convenient?
  • Are parks and playgrounds convenient?
  • How far removed is the railroad station?
  • Are buses or trolleys near at hand? How often do they run? What is the fare?
  • Is police protection adequate?
  • Is the firehouse reasonably near?
  • How expensive is fire insurance in this neighborhood?
  • How will my house compare in appearance to others in the neighborhood?

Land Features Checklist

  • Will the land size, building restrictions, and location of adjoining houses make possible the development of a good indoor and outdoor living arrangement?
  • Will the surroundings make possible a correct orientation of rooms without a lack of privacy?
  • Are there trees or shrubs on the lot?
  • If there are stone walls, are there “weep” holes in them to facilitate proper drainage?
  • A backyard suitable for children playing, hanging out the wash, sitting outback, a garden if needed
  • A backyard properly separated from neighbors’
  • Does the general situation protect me against undue exposure to the north in winter which may raise my heating bills ten, twenty, or even fifty dollars a winter over some other location?
  • Is the location cool in summer?
  • Will the lawn be reasonably easy to mow or must I hire help?
  • Am I next to a vacant lot full of weeds which will make a good lawn impossible?
  • Is the lot in keeping with the house? A more expensive lot adds nothing to total value if you are buying.
  • Are the lot dimensions as stated by the renter or seller?

House Design Checklist

  • The plan takes full advantage of views
  • Main rooms properly oriented in relation to the sun and prevailing winds in summer
  • A flexible plan for future additions and expansion
  • sufficiently adaptable plans to the requirements of an average family for easy saleability
  • Exterior materials well suited to local conditions
  • Easy circulation within the house
  • No thoroughfare: No passing through the living room to get to the private quarters
  • Sufficient privacy for a guest room
  • Does the house “furnish” well?
  • Ample space for beds, couches, tables, etc
  • Evergreen building design
  • Easy on the cost of use and maintenance

This checklist should guide you to make the best choices in your project.

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