a beautiful piece of land in Ghana
a beautiful piece of  land in Akosombo Ghana

Asking if it is smart to buy land Ghana? Buying land in Ghana may be one of the smartest things anyone can do on planet Earth right now!. If you know about the housing deficit challenges in Ghana you will quickly validate this idea.

Did you know that Africa is the one major continent with exponential youth boom?

What this means is that as we move into the future, young people are going to leave home and start families.

As a result of this, the housing deficit monster isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Most of these will have to buy lands at appreciated cost.

If you are anybody with an entrepreneurial streak, you might want to invest in buying lands in Ghana today…right now!

Investing in cheap lands and reselling at a high price is the one single game for a certain pedigree of real estate entrepreneurs in Ghana. The crazy thing is that This market is inexhaustible.

Most importantly, if you have any disposable cash sitting somewhere right now you might want to think about buying land in Ghana.

Nora’s Story

Here is a story that might interest you:

Nora was a resourceful hard-working young woman in her late 20’s.

Somewhere in 2013, she got a huge consignment on her tilapia business. After the delivery, she made 25000 Ghana cedis. That was a hefty sum for a young woman coming from a humble background.

She critically pondered what choice to make of the profit.

She had planned on buying her first a salon car as soon as she could afford one.

Most of her friends had cars and that had influenced her to consider that choice.

As she pondered and struggled between buying the car and reinvesting the profits in something else, a call came from her mother.

Nora’s mother’s friend had approached her about some land.

This opportunity is perfect” Nora thought.

Nora quickly made up her mind to buy the land.

She dressed up the following morning to visit the seller with her mother.

After an hour’s journey, they go to the land.

To cut everything short Nora decided to buy 4 plots of the land since she could afford it.

One plot was being offered at 5000 Ghana cedis at that time of 2013. She did the necessary due diligence to research and verify the land title ownership and negotiated on the payment terms with the seller.

The following month, she dumped some blocks and a 20cubic heap of sand on the plot.

She organizes some artisans and started building a short wall to protect the boundaries of her land newly acquired.

Fast forward to today. A piece of land that was being sold for 5000gh in 2013 is now going for a whooping 150000gh in 2019! Nora was smart to buy land in Ghana?

I will leave you to calculate the ROI(return on investment). If that does spur you on…

In conclusion, it’s a great idea to decide to buy land in Ghana

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